The Flight

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My Brother-in-law Rob a few years back took up flying, and has progressed to holding a pilots licence and taking up friends and family – although only one of his direct family, Tom his son has been up, his wife (my sister) Hazel has yet to go up! Myself and my other sister Jackie have been itching to go up and head out in to the big blue yonder for a while.  Emails were exchanged, dates set and fingers crossed for good weather. We have been having a heat wave, which was the week before interrupted by some high winds and rain, which Rob had experienced on his previous weekend’s flight. Luckily had mostly great flying conditions, with some thermals (where we saw some gliders circling) providing some slight up and down moments. I got to fly the Piper 28 plane for abit, trying my best to keep it on course towards the south coast of England, Jackie flew it too on a later leg.  We flew over Portsmouth and Brighton before we stopped at Shoreham airfield for a bit of lunch and Poppham for a spot of tea where we met Rob’s flying buddies Anna and Patrick. All in all a civilised way to spend a sunday afternoon. Thank You Rob – sorry about all the Top Gun references!!

The three segments of the flight: