Down the Thames

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Had the wonderful opportunity to catch a ride aboard the MB Rock, the MB stands for Merchant Vessel. The boat was originally built in 1961 to carry cargo on the East Coast of England. She was converted to residential use by Chris and artist Anne Lydiat, and is usually moored up near Tower Bridge. Anne was invited to be part of the Estuary 2016: Points of Departure arts festival at Tilbury Cruise Terminal, so the inside of The Rock was converted into a gallery space and screening room to show her fantastic work I am the ship, the ship is me (2016).

It was a great experience sailing down the thames, past places such as: Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Woolwich, Queen Elizabeth Bridge, and eventually mooring up at Tilbury. At the cruise terminal, there was a wide range of work and vessels exploring what the Estuary of the river Thames means to people, who live, work and enjoy this great river.