DISPLACEMENT – Nansen Global Consultation

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I recently have been working on an arts project called DISPLACEMENT that was an arts programme for a Global Consultation focusing on climate change displaced people by NGO: Nansen Initiative.  Below are some pics from a trip to Geneva, where The Nansen Initiative where holding their consultation. I helped design and curate the project with Chris Wainwright which included a selection of round tables artworks that delegates would sit around at lunch.  Lucy + Jorge Orta’s work Antarctic Village- No Borders and Antarctica World Passport Bureau was installed at the Sicli Pavilion, a beautiful building in Geneva which was also used as the location for a drinks reception hosted by The Swiss Government.

UAL’s Chris Wainwright, and Robin Jenkins also had work featured, with Robin bringing over his RIB boats Naomi and a new boat for Tsunami rescue missions. We also had great help from some UAL graduates who were in the country at the time.

From Nansen Initiative’s website:

Curated by the University of the Arts London, in collaboration with the Nansen Initiative, DISPLACEMENT is devised as an integrated cultural component of the Nansen Initiative consultative process, foregrounding art practice and research as a methodology to add value to the Nansen Initiative’s process. DISPLACEMENT seeks to bring conversations together and provide a dynamic public interface and heighten awareness of the key issues and challenges facing the urgent need to recognize the plight of displaced people across the world due to slow and sudden-onset disasters, many of which are exacerbated by climate change.