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What series of events had occurred for me, and this wasp to meet we pondered? Of course I am assuming he is a wasp, for I am not a waspologist, maybe he is a bee? but my instinct said this fella was wasp like drone. So on this sunny, balmy August saturday, this little gent wondered into my study, where I was mancaving to the max.  Intrestingly I did not grab one of my big cameras, as none of lenses have macro facility, but instead I grabbed a little compact camera that can shoot real close up.  I then lit him with my various camping torches.  I then gently scooped the little geezer up who by now I had call Buzzby, even though we both agreed that he was most probably a wasp.  We talked for a while about our passions, dreams and plans for the future, before I gently transferred him on to the window sill. We said our good byes with heavy hearts, knowing that we probably will never see each other again, as it was more that likely that the Queen Wasp would make beautiful sweet love to him, then eat him, until he was utterly dead.

I lament our short friendship.