Music: Some tune that i will never finish


This week I am slinging up some tunes that I have “written” over the last ten years or so. I am not a musician, so alot of what will be posted up will be the audio equivalent of fish food.  Some of the tunes are unfinished, as in the case of this first one which when I began writing it about a year ago – I initially named the file sometunethatiwillneverfinish.

All of these songs will be available to download as an album at the end of the week, or you can download them individually. The Album (still thinking of a name and am open to suggestions!) will including the previously posted tunes: Slow and Low and Sober. Keep checking back this week for more tunes!

This tune features an aceppela sample of NAS’s ‘It aint hard to tell’ – There should be a play applet just below the photo.

Cause this is a ‘photo’ blog I will sling up a photo with each post. Here we have my buddy Ray, getting told by the fake cops for rolling along Waterloo on his skateboard device.